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This project is an effort to bring a wealth of primary materials housed at widely dispersed and often remote institutions to the public. A major goal of the project is to crowdsource the transcription of previously a large body of unpublished and rare documents in an effort to expand public and scholarly awareness of the richness of the early transatlantic period and involve more people in the practice of reading and working with historical and literary documents.

This project is the work of Cedrick May, Associate Professor of English at Texas Christian University

Over the next few weeks, this site will be populated with a variety of primary documents related to the cultural milieu of the 18th and 19th century transatlantic. The project wants to emphasize high-quality color images of early transatlantic documents (in standard formats such as .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .tif, tiff, etc.), but will also feature black-and-white images and PDF files as collection and exhibit items.

Most of this work will initially be from the digital collections assembled by the creator of this site, but a major goal of this project is to grow this site with contributions from the public. Researchers, collectors, historians, literary scholars, and anyone else with a passion for history, literature, and cultural studies who have clear, digital images of documents created between 1492 and 1835 are encouraged to contact the project administrator at cedrick.may@tcu.edu.