Jupiter Hammon Collection


The documents in this collection are of various types relating to the life and cultural milieu of the slave-poet, Jupiter Hammon (1711-1806). The collection features a number of essays and poems published during Hammon's lifetime. The collection as a whole is a window into the intellectual world of an 18th-century slave and poet.


  • Cedrick May

Items in the Jupiter Hammon Collection Collection

This poem by the slave-poet, Jupiter Hammon, was discovered in the archives of Yale University libraries in 2011-2012. It has recently been authenticated.

This is an image of a published poem by Jupiter Hammon dedicated to Phillis Wheatley.

This document is the work of American poet and slave, Jupiter Hammon. His fourth published work, it contains the essay, "An Evening's Improvement," with the accompanying poem, "The Kind Master and the Dutiful Servant." Both essay and poem, in…

This is a digital image of a rare, signed copy of Jupiter Hammon's Essay, "A Winter Piece," which also includes an accompanying poem, "A Poem For Children With thoughts on Death." What makes this document unique is the signature at the top of the…