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The American Revolution from the perspective of Nelson Woolsey, an officer during the war. One of the very interesting features of this letter is a mention of the poet and American slave, Jupiter Hammon, near the end.

This is one of the first…

This letter is unique for its subject matter. It is an account of the British siege of New Haven, Connecticut told from the perspective of a woman patriot. Sarah Lloyd Hillhouse was the wife of James Hillhouse, a Patriot Captain and future U.S.…

This is a letter jointly written by Rebecca Lloyd Hillhouse and Sarah Lloyd Hillhouse in 1779.

This item is a newspaper clipping from 1826 found in James Abraham Hillhouse's (1789-1841) personal scrapbook. Located in the Yale University Archives, it is an editorial condemning slavery and the hypocrisy of the American promise of equality…

The emancipation papers of Lewis, a slave formerly owned by William Hillhouse of New Haven, CT. The document is signed by William Hillhouse, civil authorities, and witnesses to the event, which happened on a Monday, January 6, 1806.