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This is the bill of sale for Susan by S.M. Hagerty from Sitchey Curnels on August 27, 1836.

This is a bill of sale for a Negro slave mom and her two children for $800 from the Rebecca McIntosh Hawkins Hagerty Papers.

This is a bill of sale for Charlotte by Benjamin Hawkins from McCoy through cousin Matilda.

Sheet Music

“The Yellow Rose of Texas,” billed as a ‘traditional’ piece, was arranged by John Shaum. This simple arrangement was printed in 1956, by Belwin Inc. in New York. The version features only one verse and was likely intended for beginner piano…

Sheet Music

This version of “The Yellow Rose of Texas” was published in 1955. There are almost no names associated with the song and it is billed as the “original.” However, the lyrics are far from the handwritten original we see earlier. She is “a…