Proof to Procure Land Certificate of Veteran

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Proof to Procure Land Certificate of Veteran


Samuel McCulloch; Texas Land Grant; Texas Revolution Veterans; Board of Veterans; Texas Legislature


This document is an appeal to the Texas Board of Veterans filed on behalf of Samuel McCulloch, jr., in order to obtain a verified, official record of his right to a land grant guaranteed to veterans of the Texas Revolutionary Wae, issued by the Texas Legislature issued by the state in the 1838. This document actually demonstrates the ongoing battle that McCulloch went through, appealing to the state government more than 40 years after his military service at the age of Seventy One. It is the heritage of this document that characterizes the many battles he engaged in with the legal state of both ante- and post-bellum Texas.


Felix Smith


Texas General Land Office Land Grant Archive. File Number 000403. Texas General Land Office, Austin, Texas.


Texas General Land Office Land Grant Archive


July 8, 1881


Justin Atkins


Public Domain


Samuel McCulloch Promissory Note; Certificate of Board of Veterans






Document, Letter



Proof to Procure Land Certificate for Veteran

The State of Texas County of Bexar|Before me, Felix Smith, County Judge of County aforesaid, personally appeared Sam McCulloch, to me well known, who first being duly sworn says, That he was a soldier and actually rendered military service in the Texas Army subsequent to the Declaration of Texas Independence and prior to January 1st 1837. That he entered such service under Col. Geo M Collingsworth on or about the day of September 1835, a a private, and received a severe wound in a batlle against the enemy at Goliad, in the right shoulder, from the effects of which he has not finally recovered to the present day, nor does he now ever expectr to _ that being so disabled from active service he was taken home and there remained bed_ridden for more than six months _ owing to which he received no discharge monthly pay on Bounty said for such service, He received Pension Bonds under the law of 1874, having fully established his claim, which is on file in the office of the Comptroller of Public accounts at Austin Texas, which he respectfully refers to as also a

Special Let of Congress of Texas granting land to invalids, that affiant was entitled to have received Bounty Land & Pay in addition also to loss of Horse, Arms and Equipments while in paid service Value of at least &150.00 _ that affiant is the identical Sam McCulloch who was in the service, and was wounded in battle at above stated. andwas entitled to 320 Acre Bounty for said Service. That he is and has been for more than Twenty Seven Years, a resident of Bexar County, and has living witnesses in other section of this State who were present and know the facs _ also that he has more than more than one living and credible witness in Bexar County who can by affidavit support his statements herein made for the purpose of obtaining the donation land under the law of March 15th 1881 _ Born in S.C. and over Seventy one years of age _ came to Texas in 1835,

Sam [his mark x] McCulloch.

Also at the same time before me personally came Shadrach Gayce and Frank S. Paschal, credible persons, and to me well known, who being duly sworn depose and say, that they know Sam McCulloch the first affiant and applicant, and have known him respectively over forty years. and that he is the identical person he represents himself to be and that the facts stated by him are true.
Shadrach Gayce
F. S. Paschal

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 8th day of July A.D. 1881. And I hereby certify that it is my opinion and belief that Sam McCulloch, and that his claim for a veteran donation land certificate is a valid one. Witness my hand and the seal of the County Court hereto attached at the date lash above written.
F. G Smith
County Judge
Bexar Co. Texas

Attest: Sam S Smith

clerk county court Bexar Co. Texas

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