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Certificate of Board of Veterans


Samuel McCulloch; Texas Land Grant; Texas Revolution Veterans; Board of Veterans; Texas Legislature


This certificate was issued as a result of the Letter titled "Proof to Procure Land Certificate of Veteran." It recognizes McCulloch's service in the Texas Revolutionary Army during the Texas Revolutionary War and awards him, in accordance with the act outlined in the document. This document is neither the first official recognition of McCulloch's service in the war nor the first official dispensation of reward for that service to McCulloch. It is, in fact, the latest document to appear in the protracted legal contest that Mculloch went through with the Texas Legislature and the state of law from the end of his service in the army up to the time of his death, shortly after this certificate was awarded him.


Texas Board of Veterans (1881)


Texas General Land Office Land Grant Archive. File Number 000403. Texas General Land Office, Austin, Texas.


Texas General Land Office Land Grant Archive


July 27, 1881


Justin Atkins


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Samuel McCulloch Promissory Note; Proof to Procure Land Certificate of Veteran






Document, Letter




Austin, Texas, July 27th 1881.

This is to Certify, That we, the Board of Veterans appointed by the Governor under and by virtue of an act entitled "An act granting a land certificate of 1280 acres to each of the surviving soldiers of the Texas Revolution, and the surviving signers of the Declaration of Texas Independence, and to the surviving widows of such soldiers and signers, and to the widows of those who fell at the Dawson Massacre, and to repeal an act approved April 26, 1879, entitled 'an act granting a land certificate of 640 acres to each of the indigent Veterans who were engaged in the struggle for Texas Independence prior to and at the battle of San Jacinto, enrolled under the act approved July 28, 1876," approved March 15, 1881, have carefully examined the application and vouchers filed by Samuel McCulloch applicant for a land certificate under said act. We are satisfied, from our own knowledge and the evidence in this case, that he rendered the service required and said act; and we are further satisfied that the said Samuel McCulloch applicant, is entitled under the provisions of said ast to a land certificate for Twelve hundred and Eighty acres.

F. W. Johnson
Wm L Hunter
H P Brewster

R.V. File 403
The Board is satisfied that McCulloch by that testimony filed in the Comptroller office shows his service for the period required by law.
F. W. Johnson
Wm L Hunter
H P Brewster

Vet Voucher 403

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