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Yellow Rose of Texas


This item actually includes two version of “The Yellow Rose of Texas” published in 1935 and 1936, both by Calumet Music Co, both arranged by Nick Manoloff, and both with the same cover art. The first version features Bonnie Blue Eyes and Randall Atcher, relatively popular country music artists from 1930. The second version features Breadley Kincaid, another popular and prolific country artist. Gene Autry recorded the song in 1933, which led to a new explosion of popularity for “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” especially among country artists and fans. Both printings of the song feature the same lyrics. The “darkey” who sang to his lady love is now identified as a “fellow.” The woman is the “Yellow Rose,” the capital letters making “yellow” a title instead of an adjective. She is still “the sweetest rose of color” but “Dearest May” and “Rosa Lee” have become “dearest maids” and “Rosy Lee,” moving the song away from its minstrel show roots.


NIck Manoloff


The University of Texas Arlington Specials Collection


Calumet Music Co.




Caitlin Smith


Copyright 1935 by Calumet Music Co. Fair Use


Yellow Rose of Texas, Emily D. West, Yellow Rose of Texas Sheet Music






Sheet Music



There’s a yellow rose in Texas
I’m going to see
No other fellow knows her,
No body only me,
She cried so when I left her
It like to broke her heart,
And if we ever meet again
We never more will part.

She's the sweetest rose of color

This fellow ever knew

Her eyes are bright as diamonds

They sparkle like the dew
You may talk about your dearest maids
And sing of Rosy Lee
But the Yellow Rose of Texas

Beats the belles of Tennessee.

Where the Rio Grande is flowing,
The starry skies are bright, 

We walked along the river

On a quiet summer night
She said if you remember
We parted long ago,

I promised to come back again, 

And not to leave her so.

Oh! I'm going back to find her, 

For my heart is full of woe, 

And we'll sing the songs together

We sang so long ago
I’ll pick the banjo gaily
And sing the songs of yore, 

And the yellow rose of Texas

She’ll be mine forever more.

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