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Early Transatlantic Writing Project | Poster: "Hack FIFA 18 Free and get unlimited Coins and Points"

Poster: "Hack FIFA 18 Free and get unlimited Coins and Points"

9. Individual tactics

Also in FIFA 17 Free Points tactics tinkers get their money's worth. If you want to score a goal, or if you want to manage the result, FIFA 18 Coin generator we recommend that you use the same settings as in FIFA 17 "High Pressure".

When it comes to individual tactics, it is important that you know your own game well. If you play faster, we recommend a higher value FIFA 18 Free Coins Hack at the Passport. If you play slowly and much on ball possession, then take a lesser value. The same applies to flanks and gate closures. Because: the higher the value, the more often the players run into flankspots or search spaces for remote shots. If you want your players to move variably and also change positions, we recommend "free choice".

For players who prefer a Dragon mania legends cheats quick pick-up and often come over the wings, this could be a fitting individual tactic:


Speed: 60

Passport: 45

chance development

Passport: 65

Flanks: 45

Shot behavior: 40


Printing: 55

Aggressiveness: 60

Move: 45


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